Creating a balance



We provide ‘Lifestyle Wealth Management’. This describes an approach to managing wealth that encompasses a full understanding of you, your family and your life before we look at how to organise your money.

We believe successful wealth creation comes from a deep understanding of who you are, your aspirations and what governs your decision making and behaviour.


Once we know your needs, wants, likes and dislikes we can put the right financial structure in place to give you the best chance of achieving your life goals and ambitions.  Our aim is to simplify your money and financial affairs to help you feel confident and in control.

We are fee based which means we can focus totally on your needs. Our motivation comes from developing a life long relationship with you and your family so that you have the confidence to make the right life and financial decisions when you need and want to.


More and more clients, when they have accumulated sufficient wealth and are confident they have enough, look to how they can make a difference beyond financial return and create an impact in society.

The starting point of this is to invest in sustainable or socially responsible funds where possible and some clients progress on to social impact investing; intentionally placing your capital where there is social need and where it can be used for transformational purposes.