Don’t wait, do it now

Far from offering freedom and the promise of a better more fulfilling life, significant wealth can bring feelings of anxiety and stress. Your focus can be solely on ‘the money’. A desire to continually increase it, hoard it, invest it. Disappointment when investment choices fail to pay off. You work harder to make up for short falls as that’s the only thing you know.

It’s not about the money

Brent Kessel

We encourage people to stop and take a breath. Think about your life and what’s important to you. It may be that you can get off the treadmill and realise some of those private ambitions. Often kept private because you think you will never achieve them.

We have just helped one of our clients retire seven years earlier than expected. He ran his own business for years but hated every aspect of what he had to do. Some careful cashflow modelling and financial planning meant he didn’t have to wait. He could retire early, play golf and holiday in Spain as often as he wanted.

Quite an achievement in the economic period we’ve just had.