Good read: "The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge"

5 principles to transform your relationship with money

Ted Klontz, Rick Kahler and Brad Klontz

This is a great little read. Entirely based on Charles Dickens’s classic tale a ‘Christmas Carol’ and how Scrooge left behind his miserly ways and transformed into a completely different joyful and generous man, it offers a 5 step methodology to completely transform your relationship with money.

We learn that each of the three authors, quite independently, had suffered a number of painful events around money and how these events had set them on a course of inner discovery to find out what was wrong.

The book uses Scrooge’s reluctant journey to demonstrate how experience, beliefs and habit can influence your attitude and use of money. How we often live life exactly as we think we should rather than focusing on what would make us truly happy.

A useful tale about moving on, reducing financial stress and improving financial health and well-being.