Itching to do something different?

Sometimes you keep on doing the only thing you know. You put on a suit, commute to a large office where you know you are good at what you do. Although it’s getting less rewarding, and you don’t like some of the people you have to work with, it still keeps you in your large house, clothes and feeds your family, pays for some lovely holidays and keeps funding those vet bills.

Gathering all your financial information in one place and a simple cash flow modelling exercise can soon show how much money you really need.

This is all it took to get one of our clients to realise she could give up her highly paid job. She could move from an expensive area to a slightly less expensive area to a house with kennels and out buildings and acres of fields. It could be possible to earn money doing what she loved. She is now seriously considering running a dog therapy centre. Also, she knows she doesn’t need those expensive holidays if she’s spending so much time outdoors.