Lifestyle wealth management


The term ‘Lifestyle Wealth Management’ describes an approach to managing wealth that encompasses a full understanding of you, your needs, wishes, key relationships and financial resources and then the preparation of your own personal financial plan to help you protect, accumulate and eventually transfer your wealth in support of this understanding.

We believe a full knowledge of your current and desired lifestyle is key to us being able to provide you with relevant, independent financial advice. Once we have fully understood and assessed your needs we will make a recommendation for you based on a fair and comprehensive analysis of the whole of the financial market.

BpH Wealth Lifetime cash flow modelling is a vital part of what we do. It’s the tool we use to see into your financial future. It helps us consolidate and condense all your vital financial information in one place: income, expenditure, assets, debt, likely events that will affect your position.

The difference it makes can be truly amazing

Having a very real picture of your cash flow gives you the ultimate reality check. It removes the guesswork and allows you to make informed decisions. Sometimes life changing ones. It tells you how much you need to earn or save. For one client it told us how much he needed to sell his business for. For another it meant giving up work far earlier than she had ever anticipated.

The more information we have, the better we will be at predicting your financial future

To achieve this detailed level of planning, we need some very comprehensive information about your current and future income, your fully itemised expenditure, any likely calls on your capital for things such as weddings, buying a new car, helping children and grandchildren, in fact anything you plan to do with your money.

Once established, we aim to review your cash flow model annually. By holding all your financial information in one place it becomes easy for you to assess the impact of any changes you may be thinking of making and any trade offs that may be necessary.

Our objective is to give you the confidence and comfort you need to live life to the full knowing your true financial position and the minimum return you require on your assets.