Never stop dreaming

BpH Partner, Simon Brown, qualified as the UK’s first Certified Wealth Mentor two years ago. In achieving this qualification, Simon realised one of his dreams: “to help people of all ages to realise their potential through combining personal and financial understanding”. Simon now enjoys working as a Wealth Mentor to a number of clients, children of clients and professionals.

Here we look at what the term “wealth mentor” means and why everyone regardless of status or age should have one.

It’s easy to stop dreaming

We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether we’re at work or not working, today’s world is full of stuff: stuff to do, to watch, to read, to order, to organise. It’s easy to lose sight of what the true meaning of life means to you. One where you have true clarity of purpose and are happy that you are spending enough time doing what you enjoy.

It’s easy to dream when we are first starting out in life. We start to have money of our own and the possibilities of what to spend our new found ‘wealth’ on might seem endless. The dreams may involve visiting places we’ve never been, helicopter rides, first cars, first homes. As we move on through life achieving some of our dreams, put our partners and our children first, it can be easy to stop dreaming.

Dreams drive us

This is the core message of a good little read called “The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly.

The book is about connecting what you do today with dreams you may have for the future. It demonstrates how dreaming and turning dreams into action can fill us with energy and excitement, particularly if we act to help others fulfill their dreams too.

The managers of a fictional janitorial services company are grappling with high staff turnover and low morale and they start a major exercise to find out what drives their employees. They discover is that it’s not a bigger pay cheque but the ability to realise some pretty crucial personal dreams such as buying a house, taking a first holiday, learning English.

They also learned that people at every level need to be offered specific kinds of help and encouragement otherwise dreams remain just dreams and dissatisfaction can set in.

The solution was a dream manager or “wealth mentor”

A full time recruit who would help manage and realise dreams, no matter how small.

This dream manager or wealth mentor is a clever combination of a life coach and a financial planner.

An expert in helping individuals to articulate or reconnect with their dreams, prioritise their dreams and then have the ability to match these life goals with a financial plan that will help achieve them.

A wealth mentor will focus on your strengths. They will help you identity what your strengths are and any blind spots that may be getting in the way. Wealth mentors are skilled at:

  • Guiding you towards clarity, helping you choose between the many options in life
  • Exploring how you can both make time to do the things you enjoy doing whilst analysing your capacity to build wealth
  • Evaluating the impact this will have on you, your family and your other key relationships
  • Providing you with a road map for the next stage of your life journey.

A wealth mentor can help you build a bridge between now and a more fulfilling future.