Our fiduciary role

BpH Wealth is a founding member of the Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA), an international network of independently owned investment advisory firms set up to share and develop global best practice and allow us to look after our clients throughout most of the world.

We all share a common adherence to the principles of fiduciary excellence, a commitment that means we have to constantly demonstrate that we always put our clients’ interests first.

To this end all member firms are independently audited by The Center for Fiduciary Excellence and, to date, only 80 firms across the world have achieved this designation. BpH Wealth was proud to be the first UK registered firm.

GAIA’s, and therefore our, fiduciary standards rise well above the limited performance reporting requirements governing today’s investment management industry.

These standards encompass all aspects of our client relationships from the development of financial investment plans and written investment policy statements, to our review and evaluation of investment portfolios. This includes the ongoing guidance and monitoring of each step of your financial journey.

We provide financial and life planning guidance to a small number of clients, each keen for the comfort and security of having a long term financial plan in place.

We believe that understanding what’s important to you and how you would spend your time if you had the choice, is a crucial element of our financial planning process.

Financial planning standards

Open, honest communication is the foundation upon which our entire financial planning and lifestyle wealth management process is built.

It is our responsibility to help you understand ‘the why?’ behind our guidance and recommendations: to explain subjects like historical capital market’s behaviour, modern portfolio theory, strategic asset allocation, the benefits of broad global diversification and the importance of controlling costs.

Making a difference

We always consider your cash flow and liquidity needs when we construct your investment strategy. We also maximise your after tax returns by employing appropriate tax planning strategies when and where possible.

Our fiduciary role is to serve as an ever-vigilant guardian of your financial best interests and we do this free of commercial and personal conflicts of interest.