“Structured”, “secure”, “protected”, now “absolute” and “all-weather”. Descriptions of investment products designed to catch your attention

Beware the way financial industry marketing works. New products, new names, same old risk and hidden agendas, names invented to resonate with investor’s emotions and more proof that you should not over react to the latest financial industry PR exercise.

This is exactly what Simon Brown’s co-authored book, “The 7 Secrets of Money” is about – the secrets kept from us by the financial establishment and the secrets needed to achieve long term investing success.

For too long the financial establishment has put its own interests above yours, resulting in a consistent failure to meet the returns you need and expect. Members of this establishment will try to persuade you to purchase the products that make them the most money and serve you poorly.

The smart way to look after your money? Focus your energies on the things you can control such as saving, spending, costs, taxes and sound financial planning.