What our clients say

Best possible outcome for me

“I would like you to know how delighted I am with the utmost professional way in which my affairs have been conducted and especially the effort you have made to secure the best possible outcome for me. Keeping me up to date with progress reports has been most welcome. I could not have asked for anything more. My very sincere thanks go to you all.”

AL, Recent Retiree

So comfortably placed

“As always you have done us proud. Our latest valuation demonstrated a very respectable rate of return.

We greatly appreciate being so comfortably placed in what we now have to admit is our old age, thanks entirely to the way you have handled our financial affairs.

Although I’ve ridden motorbikes and horses, flown in gliders, a balloon, a 1930s Gipsy Moth biplane and even an aircraft that the amateur pilot had built himself from a kit – not to mention small boats – when it comes to finance I am somewhat risk averse, as you well know. I instinctively distrust suggestions of “spectacular” gains, believing in the old peasant maxim that if something looks too good to be true, it almost always is. Or as the scientists put it: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We find your approach extremely reassuring.”

Retirees, Maldon

Comprehensive + sympathetic grasp of our situation

“Yesterday I made my first visit to your elegant headquarters at Oddstones House, so that Jean Webb could take me through the Cash Flow Model that you have set up for us.

I am writing to say what a fruitful meeting it proved, and to express my admiration not only for the ease with which Jean showed me round the model and its facilities, but also for the very comprehensive and sympathetic grasp that she has of our situation and our portfolio.

My wife and I always enjoy our discussions with Jean, and we appreciate very much the endless care and patience she always demonstrates, particularly when see was dealing with my endless questions about your proposals in the early stages!

We count ourselves very fortunate that our previous adviser suggested we should transfer ourselves to BpH Wealth Management when he retired, and are extremely comfortable with your company philosophy and attitude to your clients.

So please accept our thanks for the services you are providing, and our best wishes for your continued success.”

Retiree, Middlesex

Planning decades ahead with daily flexibility

“BpH have provided my family and I with holistic financial advice for over 20 years. Planning decades ahead, whilst providing daily flexibility.

They have always had my best interest at heart, working hard to understand my aims and then providing high quality, innovative solutions which have successfully endured.

BpH are technically strong with uncompromising integrity and a personable approach.”

Entrepreneur, Hertfordshire

Financially secure

“Michael Freedman and the staff of BpH have combined great professionalism together with kindness and tact in helping me adjust to my changing circumstances.

I now feel financially secure and as a result have peace of mind.

Thank you”

Widow, Hertfordshire

An absolute tour de force

“Thank you very much indeed for that amazing annual valuation document, which is an absolute tour de force.

I find it quite amazing, and immensely heartening, that after 13 years of wonderful and enjoyable retirement we are still so comfortably placed – all credit to you for looking after our financial affairs so expertly.”

Retiree, Essex

Extremely impressed

“I’ve been extremely impressed with both the professional and personal aspects of our relationship. You clearly have a good team.

You gave me the focus I needed to sell my business for the exact figure you told me I needed.

Now I can turn my attention to the next phase of my life”.

Entrepreneur, Surrey

Outstanding financial service

“I am writing to draw your attention to the outstanding financial service given to me by one of your key financial advisers after the death of my husband. After he died I felt very vulnerable and stressed, confused over what financial decisions I should make and lacking awareness of how to proceed.

The professionalism and expertise have been all I could have asked for in a financial adviser. I have been shown great kindness and consideration. A great bonus for me is that I feel I have become more financially confident.

I feel very fortunate to have had such a service from such a competent adviser and cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me”.

Widow, Herts

Making the most of the rest of my life

“Thank you so much for your good, clear advice. I very much appreciate the time you spent with me, and the instructions you gave to help me make the most of the money I have in order to make the most of the rest of my life”.

Widow, Herts

A caretaker for future generations

“I feel I can trust you implicitly to have my interests at heart.

The money my father left me is like an antique – I am its caretaker for the present, looking after it for future generations.

You had the unique ability to inspire me with confidence. To respond to even minor queries in a kindly manner. The fact you so obviously have a happy team working with you there in Harpenden helps a great deal. Everything about you is immaculate from writing paper onwards. You also have a sense of humour.

What more can I say apart from I’m lucky to know you”.

Inheritor, Reigate
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