About us

Financial advice, planning and guidance

Founded by partner, Michael Freedman, in Harpenden in 1984, BpH Wealth Management provides high-quality professional financial advice, planning and guidance to individuals, couples, widows, divorcees, retirees, trusts, powers of attorney, business owners and professionals.

Transparent fee-paying relationship

We believe that high-quality, professional financial advice can only be achieved by having a transparent, fee-paying relationship with our clients. This leaves no room for any potential bias associated with a product driven service.

Validate, challenge or clarify your choices

People are normally referred to us by existing clients and increasingly by their accountants or solicitors when they need sense made of their financial and lifestyle choices. They normally require an objective sounding board to validate, challenge or clarify their lifestyle and financial objectives.

Personal development and growth

We believe in not only achieving the highest professional qualifications but, perhaps more importantly, continued personal development and growth at all levels.

Long-term, evolving and consistent relationships

Our partners share the same values that have driven our philosophy and ethos as we strive to provide a long-term, evolving and consistent relationship with both our clients and our staff. Something we believe to be vitally important.

From a truly dedicated and passionate team

We are proud that five of our team members have been with us for over 20 years and that the average length of service is 15 years.

A happy, secure team leads to happy, secure clients