Recommended Read: “The 7 Secrets of Money”. Simon Brown co-authors book

BpH Wealth Partner, Simon Brown has collaborated with three other finance professionals; Ben Sherwood, Richard Stott and Bruce Wilson, to publish a book that provides a clear path to build your investments and meet your life goals.

The book has already received some wonderful reviews from other well respected members of the financial planning and investment community.

An essential read for anyone investing for their future or considering doing so. It provides a simple, yet powerful, framework for making better investment decisions, avoiding the common mistakes that investors make, simplifying what needs to be done in practice.”

Tim Hale, Smarter Investing

“Reading The 7 Secrets of Money, one realizes there is a science and a logic to investing. Relief, trust and exhilaration replace confusion, lethargy and distrust.”

George Kinder

See the 7 Secrets of money website or apply for your free copy by emailing us at or calling us at BpH Wealth 01582 461122